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  • Routed Network traffic

    Hi Guys

    Well here's my little problem, I have set up a wireless network between my AP and my neighbours PC with a Wireless NIC and a normal NIC. He wants to be able to access my server (Server 2003). Now thats where I strike a small problem.

    I have turned on IP routing on his XP machine (registry method). This was needed so his XBOX could connect to the internet and also to my server via the wireless connection. Good news is that the XBOX traffic makes it to the internet no problems, however the XBOX can not see the Server at al. Are there some restrictions I have to enable or disable to make this work?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Do I need to create VPN?)


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    Re: Routed Network traffic

    You won't be able to browse your network from your XBOX but you should be able to FTP and ping the xbox from your server/pc.