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    Windows Server 2003 Clustering Issue:

    I am having a problem with our Windows Server 2003 , 2 node cluster.

    We managed to get Node 1 back up and running and it can see all the resources and start the cluster service.

    Node 2 however, was not showing any of the drives. As it turned out this was supposed to be the case as Node 1 currently had them all. So we powered down Node 1 and attempted to bring resources up on Node 2.

    Node 2 could see the Quorum disk but it kept saying the disk is not ready.

    I spoke to Veritas as we use them for all our dynamic drives, and they informed me the quorum disk is a physical disk (still located on SAN).

    He had me disable the cluster disk driver. After I restarted the server it was able to see the Q: quorum disk in my computer. As soon as I reenable that driver the drive becomes “not ready” again.

    Please can someone help?

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    Re: Clustering Services

    Right now I have all the cluster services running on Node 1 and everything is ok. Node 2 however still can't start the cluster service.