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Renaming a domain member

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  • Renaming a domain member

    Hi all,

    I have a Server 2003 domain with 2 DCs, both running Server 2003 R2 with a forest and domain functional level of Server 2003.

    Pretty much all the clients are Windows XP SP2/3 and at the moment we want to rename a lot of them. The renaming process isn't a problem, we're happy to do this manually as it ties in with an audit we are doing.

    My question is whether or not it causes a problem to rename a computer that is a member of the domain without taking it out of the domain first? I remember with NT it was the case that a domain member had to be removed, restarted, renamed, restarted and then joined to the domain. Are there any potential problems with just renaming and doing a single restart? I've tried it on a few computers and they seem to work OK after but wanted to check before doing it everywhere.


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    Re: Renaming a domain member

    nope dude..there wont be any furthur problems by renaming
    renaming clients doesnt have anything to do with DCs
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      Re: Renaming a domain member

      The renaming process automatically updates the DNS records for the affected client on the DNS server on a DC, which is then automatically replicated to any secondary DNS servers.

      I've never experienced any problems with this. Clients function fine.
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        Re: Renaming a domain member

        To keep your AD clean, I would remove the computer from the domain, rename, reboot then rejoin - otherwise you will have all the old names still in your AD - even if the new names are added and DNS is updated.
        eg if you try to use WSUS it will tell you that the computers with the old names havn't registered/connected.

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          Re: Renaming a domain member

          I have not experienced that.

          I had to rename a client this morning. Checked AD and the new PC name is present - the old one is not. The old name took about an hour to disappear from the list shown in adsiedit.msc. Just checked WSUS3 and the new PC name is showing up - not a hint of the old name.
          A recent poll suggests that 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not happy