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IE8 GPO is denied

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  • IE8 GPO is denied

    I created new GPO for IE8 and it doesn't work! This is classic!!!
    When I perform Group Policy Results Wizards status is denied and reason disabled GPO. I troubleshooted this case with MS technet unfortunately everything is ok but gpo still not working.
    So I'll try to describe my GP structure and if somebody have idea I'll be gratefull!

    I have domain based on W2k3 with Default Domain Policy for all users. I have OU for users working on terminal servers with GPO for IE7 and it is working. In the same time I have to build up new OU including servers with IE8 for the same users and it is not working.
    I checked for right .adm file, user permission, WMI filters,... gpupdate /force.... all recommendations described in MS technet.
    Is it possible to have one gpo for IE7 and one for IE8 for the same users?

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    Re: IE8 GPO is denied

    The problem is solved. In the same OU I linked IE7 and IE8 GPOs. In the IE8 scope option I removed Authenticated users and add only the users needed IE8. After that IE8 GPO was enforced.


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      Re: IE8 GPO is denied

      Good job and Thanks for posting back with your solution. Your Community spirit is appreciated and I notice it didn't take you long to figure out the fix. Extra well done!! PLUS
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