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Virus/DLL issue

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  • Virus/DLL issue

    Hey all,
    I have a strage issue with my Server 2003 R2, i get an error msg of missing "MS.dll" when ever i try to start any mmc related snap-in.

    I had a virus cleaning project in the company, and only my 2003 server giving me some trouble with cleaning. (task manager, regedit, safe mode and now the MS.dll will not launch) after cleaning all other computers in the company I startedd a network scan for the 2003 server from a cleaned computer.

    Any suggestions of how to resolve this issue, hopefully without reinstalling the system?

    Thanks in advance -Mike

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    Re: Virus/DLL issue

    What was 'cleaned' from the server? If files were removed, did you check for false positives before you removed them? Also, if the file you quote was removed, can't you restore it from quarantine?

    Finally, is the AV product compatible with W2k3?
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      Re: Virus/DLL issue

      place 2k3 disk in the drive and then try sfc /scannow ... see if this helps .... i m not quite sure on this