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  • Event ID 2020 WHen RISING

    Hi All

    New 2003 DC, DHCP, DNS, RIS. We have had two instances of Event ID 2020 (Source srv) where it appears to run out of Pooled memory. Both times has happened when RISing a smallish ammount of computers (15 or so). All the comments on point to memory related problems.

    I have increased the virtual memory by double, it now includes the other partition. I have also stopped Sophos from on-access scanninig the SIS Common Store folder and RemoteInstall folder.

    What im surprised about is that we have RISed a larger ammount of computers and the error does not appear.

    The only way to recover from the error is to reboot the server (which isn't something i want to do too often!)

    Any ideas?
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    Re: Event ID 2020 WHen RISING

    Please update the server to SP1 and latest hotfixes.
    After this, run sniffer on the network - The network switch may
    stack the server and you may see it by using sniffer.
    If the problem return, please check the server hardware and drivers reliability.



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