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NT4 to 2003 AD concerns

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  • NT4 to 2003 AD concerns

    I have a plan to upgrade our NT4 domain to 2003 AD (interim mode, have exchange 5.5 server to support) but have a couple questions I cannot find the answer to.

    The bare bones plan is this:

    1. Make new BDC virtual machine. Promote to PDC. Take off domain. Upgrade to 2003 offline. Configure AD, DNS, etc.

    2. Put back online, dcpromo other 2003 server, install DNS. (use NT4 emulator key for roll back)

    3. Migrate WINS off other BDC to one of the 2003 machines.

    4. Change DNS settings on client machines to point to new domain controllers.

    5. Remove NT4Emulator key from Domain controllers. Shutdown NT4 BDC.

    My concern is what happens to the clients once I put the new 2003 domain controller on the network. I have 70-80 clients and servers configured to use static IPs. It'll take me some time to change their DNS to the new DNS. Will they continue to work during this period? Or will they just all fail to continue to authenticate? Anything I should worry about with Exchange 5.5 during this period? I really need to figure out how to do this without bringing our 24/7 business down. Thanks.