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tombstoned DC deletion or reinstate

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  • tombstoned DC deletion or reinstate

    A secondary domain controller has tomstoned - server 2003 - and is not replicating.

    I have tried dcpromo to remove it and it fails.

    How can I remove it or reinstate it.

    thanks for any help

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    Re: tombstoned DC deletion or reinstate

    You can force removal using the forceremoval switch with dcpromo.

    Personally i'd rather just disconnect it from the domain, do a metadata cleanup on your AD and format and re-install the OS.


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      Re: tombstoned DC deletion or reinstate

      Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
      "Allow Replication With Divergent and Corrupt Partner"=dword:00000001
      Run this on the DC and then run a Manual Replication through Active Directory Sites and Services.

      Copy to a text file and save it as a .reg . Once you have reconnected to the tombstoned Server and Replicated, change the dword:00000001 to dword:00000000 and run it again on the DC because it is a security issue that would allow any tombstoned Server to connect to the DC.

      Make sure you do a System State backup or a Registry backup BEFORE running the reg hack.
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        Re: tombstoned DC deletion or reinstate

        Thanks for the tips - I decided to delete and clean up metata database - But

        when creating new DC with a new server name and different IP after dcpromo I get

        Naming information cannot be located because:

        The target principle name is incorrect.

        The new server is not shown in the PDC domain controller OU.

        There are a number of errors in the evnet log - I think this may be the most relevant

        Kerberos event ID 4 - password used to encrypt the kerberos service ticket - is different than that on the target server.

        How can I correct - all windows 2003 servers

        Thanks for any help.