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  • supnetting

    I currently use RRAS for my internet connection from my ISP. I recently obtained a second IP from my ISP. I want to use that second IP to run my Web server. The web server is VMware IIS6 on another machine. Do i need to create a subnet and change the IP setting of the web server to the new subnet? If so how do I go about doing that?
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    Re: supnetting

    ANYBODY? Any idea?


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      Re: supnetting

      Damn, no authoritative answers in 14 whole HOURS
      Lousy QoS these days -- maybe you are due a refund on your subscription!

      Wait a minute.... there ISN'T a subscription....this site is free and answers are provided by volunteers who give up their free time to help....

      What type of modem are you using -- some support MultiNAT and allow you to set up different rules for different public IPs
      Also we will need to know more details of your network configuration -- I presume server1 is acting as a gateway?
      Any reason you cannot put server2 directly onto the outside switch (DMZ configuration)?
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        Re: supnetting

        just putting my post back at the top of the forums...

        I also wanted to run a few others programs off that second ip address. i figured if i created another subnet I could isolate computers to the external ips by putting them on the different subnets. SERVER-1 is a gateway. the modem is a linksys befcmu10 I cannot put server 2 onto an outside switch because the web server is running on VMWARE.


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          Re: supnetting

          Originally posted by rikmyr
          just putting my post back at the top of the forums...
          We don't like BUMPS, especially after such a short time lapse, something a 70+ post member like yourself should know.
          Please do not do that again.
          If someone has an answer to your question then they will surely answer it. It helps if you provide as much information as possible about your setup so our Members are able to digest the configuration and hopefully provide a solution.

          Both the following links may be able to help you provide such information in the future. Thanks.

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