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Installing a New Network..suggestions

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  • Installing a New Network..suggestions

    I am looking for advice or suggestions regarding the following situation. I recently took a job with an initial goal of changing a current Network, running Win 98 PC's and a Novelle 5.x data server, to a Windows 2003 data server, 2003 Exchange server and all PC's on Windows xp. The question concerns the sequence of installation on the servers.
    In regard to which server to make the PDC, what services (AD, DNS, DHCP) to load on which server and the sequence of services loaded onto which server. In time all applications will be moved to seporate servers but initially they will all reside on the Data server. Data server runs dual Zeon 2.4's with 2 gigs of RAM, Exchanger server will run a single Zeon 2.8 with 1 gig of RAM. Both servers have RAIDs and copious amounts of storage space (Exchange-Mirrored 36 Gig ATA's, Data RAID 5, with 5 SCSI 76 Gig HD's). System will be used by 50 clients 40 local 10 remote)
    The new network will be built beside the old with no direct transfer of informaion and all data files to be moved will be burned onto CD, files moved via sneaker to new system, then the CD's archived.

    Any input or ideas are appreciated as I lack any individuals besides my alter ego to bounce ideas off of.