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File Access Issue from DMZ?

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  • File Access Issue from DMZ?

    I have a Windows 2003 Server deployed as a web server in my DMZ.

    All my other servers reside on my LAN and are also Windows 2003 Server.

    My DMZ Web server accesses files stored on my File server in the LAN.

    When the staff try to access documents through my web server, it says Access is denied on my web site.

    However, If i log the adminstrator user off the web server and log it back in, they are accessible again.
    Overnight, this privelidge vanishes and i have to perform the same procedure of logging off and on again to access the files the next day.

    Any idea if there is some form of token or authentication that would be lost overnight that I need to somehow force to never expire in Active dirrectory or somewhere similar?