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Upgrading 2000AD to 2003AD

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  • Upgrading 2000AD to 2003AD


    We have a single domain over 2 sites, the sites are linked with a VPN.

    We currently have 4 dc's running 2000 server one of which holds all the fsmo roles. This server is on it's 'last legs' so I need to replace it, but instead of installing another 2000 server I want to install a 2003 server and upgrade the domain.

    we have 2 exchange servers one on each site, the exchange server on site 2 is also a DC. Below are the steps I think we need to take, can someone look over them just to see if they look right or if I've missed something.

    1. Ensure all 2000 servers are at SP4.
    2. Run netdiag.exe, dcdiag.exe and replmon.exe.
    3. Do we need to upgrade ADC on Exchange 2000 server to 2003?????
    4. Install new W2K3 server as member server in domain.
    5. Perform Full Back up on all DCs and Exchange servers.
    6. Copy I386 folder from 2003 server CD to 2000 DC.
    7. We have W2K3 R2 version. Will this cause any issues???
    8. Run (from I386 folder) adprep/ forestprep and adprep/ domainprep.
    9. Run Dcpromo on new W2K3 server.
    10. Install DHCP/DNS/WINS services on new W2K3 DC.
    11. Check Exchange is running correctly.
    12. Power off all devices which use DHCP/DNS.
    13. Transfer FSMO roles from 2000 DC to new W2K3 DC using MMC snap-ins.
    14. Run Dcpromo on W2K DC to demote and power off.
    15. Check replication.

    If anyone has any thoughts/reccomendations please let me know.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Upgrading 2000AD to 2003AD

    If you don't mind a bit of reading you will find this useful:

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