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RSM database corruption?

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  • RSM database corruption?

    After years of having issues with backup exec i decided to go with another backup solution so I uninstalled it and replaced the drivers for our tape drive.

    When attempting to use ntbackup a message appears stating "there is no free media available with the selected type add unused media or click cancel to end the operation."

    After seeing further issues within the removal storage console I shutdown the removal storage service and backed up the RSM db and deleted the current one. Rebooted the server and the issue still occurred.

    I discovered via google that stopping the removal storage service and refreshing the rsm db, ntbackup is able to correctly use the tape media.

    So as a prescript I use the following

    net stop ntmsSvc
    start /wait rsm.exe refresh /lf"IBM ULTRIUM-TD3 SCSI Sequential Device"

    Ntbackup will work when new media is presented and the error message above is presented.

    My question is any idea why removal storage is not refreshing free tape media correctly on its own?

    Server 2003 64-bit STD sp2
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