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IIS 6.0 Scripting and Batch files

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  • IIS 6.0 Scripting and Batch files


    I' m going to configure a new Webserver and I would like to search for some batch files that permit to me and my colleague to make pubblication process easy and really fast. My standard object is a web site with an FTP virtual directory pointing to the home directory of the website, so I would like to:

    1. Create Directory
    2. Create User Account with password
    3. Create Web Site and Publish my "Under Construction Page"
    4. Create my Ftp Virtual directory applyng to the user created the capability of modifing the home directory of my web site
    5. Create my Log folder and configure it in site properties.

    I'm working on Windows 2003 Web Edition R2, SP2, all security patches added and IIS 6.0, my DNS server is running on another machine, so I don't need to configure DNS entry.

    I found some examples in II6 online resources, but I' m not really confident with scripting and batch, I need to have this server ready really soon because my old Pubblication Server is almost gone ( If you understand me...)

    So, Do you have any kind of template to share with me? Do you have any advice?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: IIS 6.0 Scripting and Batch files

    my old organisation..we used to have a preprod environment that was (mostly) identical.
    So the release gus would do the work in prepod, it'd be tested and signedf off, then the config just exported and reimported on the prod servers..

    (if i remember correcly)
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