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Windows 2000 Server SP4 problems after Patch 899588

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  • Windows 2000 Server SP4 problems after Patch 899588

    Yesterday I got a call from my GIS admin stating he was having strange things going on the the GIS server. He told me the night before he installed the windows 2000 patch 899588. He stated the patch zipped throught and was done in a few seconds, asked if he wanted to reboot. He said no to the reboot at the time. Left for the day and came back the next morning and rebooted the machine. noticed problems: The Veritas 9 software wll not start all the way. It loads and then locks up. The Coorparate antivirus server will not respond eather. I can access shares on the server, but the server can not get out on the net. I tried to uninstall the Patch and the box just sat there. I could not reinstall the patch eather. I also noticed services that were running are no longer running and i can not change the status of any of them. They just sit there trying to change and locking up the server. I have valid back ups, but The Veritas software is one of the problematic peices. I need to get this back up and running properly ASAP with out starting over if possiable. PLEASE advise.

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    Re: Windows 2000 Server SP4 problems after Patch 899588

    I logged into the server under safemode and uninstalled the patch. The Patch uninstalled successfuly, but did not fix the problem.