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Windows deployment

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  • Windows deployment

    I utilize windows deployment services and I am having problems getting MA Companion touch to boot to the Image capture destination. I added the driver with ImageX and no errors and saved correctly. I did it twice. I still cannot get an IP address.
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    Re: Windows deployment

    when you say you don't get an ip address, could you explain ?

    Do you not get an ip address during the bootp process ?
    what happens if you try to boot and use a different image ?
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      Re: Windows deployment

      I can boot from PXE. When I get to the capture screen and select, I get no network can be found. I can drvload.exe the inf driver from the usb and intialize the network and connect to the server and complete the capture. So I know I have the correct driver. It has to be the WIM. What I am currently doing is Imagex and select 2 instead of 1. Don't know what else to try. Thanks for the reply

      Before I drvload.exe to the usb, I drvload to the Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository and InitializeNetwork but no go. Only will work from the usb
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        Re: Windows deployment

        I can boot other images fine just this tablet with the realtek driver.


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          Re: Windows deployment

          I don't know enoug about injecting drivers into the wims, or imagex i'm sorry

          I know it's a hassle, but you have a workaround of sorts, correct ?
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            Re: Windows deployment

            I don't have a work around for these tablets. What a pain?


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              Re: Windows deployment

              Finally, I resolved it. I mount the boot.wim and browsed to the /mount/windows/ inf and driver store and removed the following:
              The folder netrtx32.inf_c91a114

              Thanks for any attempt to help!!!!


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                Re: Windows deployment

                And Thank you for posting back!
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