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Suggestions for a remote site

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  • Suggestions for a remote site


    I have a client who is running a Windows 2003 domain. They have an extremely low bandwidth HQ site and as of yet are considering Leased line too much of an expense. 40ish network users, failrly heavy network usage (they deal in a lot of high def photos and big autocad drawings, blueprints, etc)

    Currently have probably 2-3Mb downstream tops and probably 200k up max...that is already having 2 ADSL lines bonded.

    So, assuming increasing bandwidth at the HQ is not going to happen (cost etc) - I would like some suggestions on making the best out of the upcoming situation.

    They already have 1 remote site - with one low network usage user. They have Outlook RPC-HTTPS setup for mail, and visit HQ once a week or so with a USB pen for any files they might need to put on the network. RDP and VPN just proved to be too slow already.

    They have already decided to put another user there permently but this user will be requiring access to network files all day long.

    I am having trouble coming with any decent ideas that do not involve increasing the HQ bandwidth by Lease Line upgrade.

    Any suggestions? I have thought about DFS, and DFS-like scenarios, but everything comes back to the fact that all data has to traverse the link at some point, and the link is too slow at HQ But maybe I missed something.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Suggestions for a remote site

    Your pretty much stuck with trying to increase the bandwidth available to you for the main office.

    What about installing a dedicated link to the other office and setup replication to occur out of hours...

    We have something like this setup with our SonicWALL appliances handling the routing for us.


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      Re: Suggestions for a remote site

      Yeah, I thought as much :/

      Thanks anyway