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server hung on shut down, how to kill?

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  • server hung on shut down, how to kill?

    having a problem with my windows 2003 server - it's hung on shutdown. Didn't realize that there was any problem until I tried to RDP over it. Kept getting a 'Cannot connect' message. Finally went down to the server, and saw the "windows is shutting down" message, with an error message saying "Windows is low on virtual memory". I clicked 'OK', but the server seems hung, just displays "Windows is shutting down". It's been that way for about 1 hour.

    I cannot RDP over to it, but I can still see the services running remotely - everything is running that should be. In the event log, I see that there was an IE7 update at 1AM that triggered a reboot, but no other errors to indicate why server is hung.

    Oddly, everything is working - Exchange 2003, file shares, Blackberry Enterprise, SQL glitches. Server performs all roles in our company.

    Question - how do I kill / reboot the server? I've tried sending it a remote reboot command, and the event viewer shows it was received, but server seems stubborn. I don't want to push and hold the power button, as I'm sure that will cause all sorts of fun damage. Is there any other way of remotely killing it nicely, or somehow by ending services force it into a reboot?

    I'm rather in need of urgent help, any replies appreciated.

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    Re: server hung on shut down, how to kill?

    shutdown -r -f -m <machinename>
    (force reboot)

    Do you have ILO or similar to let you in?

    But in the end, if nothing else works, you will have to use the power button -- SQL and Exchange should survive that as the dB gets written with logs
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      Re: server hung on shut down, how to kill?

      As much as you hate to do it, sometimes there's no choice but to power it off and back on.


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        Re: server hung on shut down, how to kill?

        Thanks for the replies - going to try the command in a few mins once users are out of database.

        Didn't know what iLO was, had to research that. Quite sure I don't have it.

        If I have to do the power button, going to wait until 5PM when we close..scared that it's going to screw up AD or something. I have no experience in disaster recovery..!
        *fingers crossed*...

        *Update - command gives error 1115: A system shutdown is in progress. I tried to give it an abort command, but I get the same error. Darn bugger's shutting down and won't listen to anything else....looks like it might be a hard reset.

        *Update 2 - downloaded PSTools and ran pskill \\hostname \winlogon as per suggestion here -

        That killed my network shares, disconnected my users...but didn't shut down the machine. At that point I looked at the status LED's and saw the CPU status was amber (not green)... no choice but to hard reboot. Killed power, unplugged for a few seconds, plugged back in, rebooted - took a long time as usual but came alive with no new problems...thanks for support. Now to go examine the event logs and try prevent this from happening again...
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