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Can't add user to domain: password

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  • Can't add user to domain: password

    I am trying to add the first user to my Server 2003 domain and it says: "Windows can not set the password for "user" because: The password does not meet the password policy requirements. Check the minimum passowrd length, password complexity and password history requirements."

    Problem is I've gone to Domain Security Settings and unchecked all the "define this policy setting" for everything under "Password Policy."

    Is there something somewhere else for user passwords?

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    Re: Can't add user to domain: password

    Never seen this issue been anything else apart from the GPO settings in the Default Domain Policy

    Instead of unchecking all boxes set them to the lowest possible values.

    e.g. Set Password length to 0 which would then let people have a blank password, expiry set to 0 also which means it never expires etc etc.

    Note This is bad practice and very unsecure, I don't recommened doing this but just informing you of how to.

    * Shamelessly mentioning "Don't forget to add reputation!"


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      Re: Can't add user to domain: password

      Are you trying to log the users on using a client machine??

      Have you done a gpupdate to refresh the policy??


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        Re: Can't add user to domain: password

        Great thanks Topper that did the trick. I know this isn't recommended but it's needed for various reasons. Thanks for your help.