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Moving Profile Folders to new share

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  • Moving Profile Folders to new share


    Here's the situation.

    We had some diskspace problems so we created a new bigger LUN on our Fileserver. We then copied the profile folders to the new LUN to a folder with a NEW share name.

    First situation:
    Roaming profile path was \\servername\profiles\%username% here all the users profiles were stored. In the AD we had the profile path \\servername\profiles\%username% (so exactly the same as the real UNC path.

    After moving the folders the situation is as follows:
    Roaming profile path is now \\servername\winprof\%username%
    We also changed the profile path in the AD to the same UNC as above.

    Strange thing is that a lot of things are stored at the new profile path so that works fine.

    BUT....some settings are still written to the old path. For example Microsoft Outlook.FAV is still written to the old UNC path. Also people loose their autograph underneath each mail.

    In the \\servername\profiles\%username% (the old profile path) the following folders and files can be found.

    Folder - Microsoft
    In folder Microsoft:
    Internet Explorer
    Invoegtoepassingen (Dutch)
    In Internet Explorer folder there is a file called brndlog.txt
    invoegtoepassing is empty
    In Office there is a file called MSOut10.pip
    In Outlook there are 2 files: Microsoft Outlook.FAV and Microsoft Outlook~1.srs
    We have approximatly 1500 users so just throwing away the share isn't an option.

    There were a few more issues, but these have been resolved by editing the NTUSER.DAT file with regedit32.

    How can we fix this problem so the old share can be removed.

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    Re: Moving Profile Folders to new share

    I came across a kind situation like yours where the old path was still owning over the new path for few users. The issue was turned out to be the open ntuser.dat file which din't get copied completely to the new file server.

    Try to run some utility( I used robocopy) to check the overall skipped files if any.

    Presently you can also use richcopy utility from microsoft to perform the compare.

    If it's happening for all the users then probably a gpupdate issue.


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      Re: Moving Profile Folders to new share

      Interresting thread...

      We are moving our profiles to a new server as well (in 2 days). Moving them from a w2k3 R2 server to a w2k8 r2 server. Will post here if any problems occur. THX for letting know that outlook fav are not moved correctly.