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iSCSI (MPIO) help please (detailed)

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  • iSCSI (MPIO) help please (detailed)

    Right up front..I'm not a storage guy. I'm in IT security, and we needed our storage seperate from the enterprise storage.

    We have this NAS, which I have working with iSCSI and it's ok. However, I'm trying to get confirmation that the MPIO setup is ok, since when I test just fails.... (I test this by either pulling a cable, or disabling a NIC). What I get is that drive dies, and I get a bunch of ftdisk and iscsiprt errors.

    Each "client" has 2 seperate NIC's for iSCSI, each in it's own subnet (lets call them 192.168.1.x and 192.168.2.x). Each subnet is on it's own Cisco 2970 switch with jumbo frames enabled. All clients are Win2003 servers.

    The NAS is a generic appliance (Not a first tier like EMC, rather, Storageflex, It also has 2 NICs, 1 in each subnet. It came with Win2003 storage server built-in (which I hate, cause if you patch the OS and reboot, whole NAS goes down too...)..

    So, my understanding is that if you want MPIO support, on the "initiator" (or client), when you install the iSCSI softweware, you have to manually select the MPIO option. I did that on all the machines.

    On the NAS, the iSCSi target software was already installed. Is the target software "MPIO aware" out of the box, or does it need to be installed with MPIO support as well?

    When I configure the initiators, in the discovery tab, I have both subnets (and both IP's of the NAS).

    In the target tab, I have 1 entry that is connect. If I press the details button, under "Sessions", there are 2. If I highlight the first one and click on conenctions, I see the first conenction (192.168.1.x. It's set to Fail-Over only, and the source and destination portals are on the proper (192.168.1.x) subnet, and it's active) The connections for the second session are also fail-over only, and are on the 2nd subnet. Under the device tab, I have 2 entries...1 is "Disk drive" and 1 that is "Multi-path support".

    I haven't been able to find good guides on MPIO setup. Can anyone please help me get MPIO working properly. It's all I am missing to complete this NAS project.