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2003 domain + FolderRedirection + Vista clients = i need help

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  • 2003 domain + FolderRedirection + Vista clients = i need help

    Greetings. I will try to be as detailed and yet as brief as possible. I am assisting the network administrator who is exceedingly busy, I only arrived here a short time ago so I am getting acquainted with the network which was already set up and in place before I got here.

    We have a 2003 Server based domain with many 2000, XP, and now, Vista clients.

    Folder Redirection is working perfectly fine for the 2000 and XP clients, but, we are getting many Application Error number 502's on the Vista client. The error message is as such:

    Failed to apply policy and redirect folder "Desktop" to "\\((server))\FolderRedirection\((username))\Deskto p".
    Redirection options=9211.
    The following error occurred: "Can not create folder "
    \\((server))\FolderRedirection\((username))\Deskto p"".
    Error details: "This security ID may not be assigned as the owner of this object.

    So I've been digging around trying to figure out if this is an NTFS or Share level permissions error, and it was to a degree.....

    Folder redirection *is* working, but for the Vista clients it isn't redirecting to the places that my Group Policy is telling it to go. Let me explain: on the server there is not only the \FolderRedirections folder which is indeed the path set up in the active (and only) group policy for the domain-- but there is also a \profiles directory on the server, and this \profiles directory is specified as the users profile path inside of Active Directory... so, I was noticing the other day that inside of \profiles there are a whole bunch of the same directory names, but with .V2 appended to them. So, for example, there may be a login name like jdoe, and user jdoe will have his directory inside of \FolderRedirection, and he will also have that profile directory inside of \profiles--- but along with that instance of his 'home' directory, there may also be a "jdoe.V2" directory--- but only if that user had previously logged into a Vista client with their credentials... so this is telling me that folder redirection is setting up shop for some of the users directories in \profiles instead of in \folderredirections in spite of the Group Policy.

    I have found that if I go to the users directory in \FolderRedirections, while logged in as the user, and take ownership as them of their own directory, the Vista clients no longer produce event log errors when logging in-- and indeed it copies over their desktop and my documents, etc.

    but evenstill, inside of the instance of the users folder in the \profiles directory on the server we have all of the 'other' directories that Vista creates which XP doesnt have --- to put it in a simpler way let me say it this way:

    inside of \profiles\((username)).v2\ on the server, i see these folders:
    Saved Games

    but inside of \FolderRedirection\((username))\, i see these folders:
    Application Data
    My Documents

    Is that how this is supposed to be? it seems a bit awkward to me to have some of the pieces of a users profile in one place, but other pieces in another place. But seeing as how Vista is newer than the server OS we are using, is this one of those strange inconsistencies that has to be?

    Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Thanks for your time~
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