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Running out of IP's

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  • Running out of IP's

    I have one building using a ip range ( which only has about 20 ip's available ) and now we have a second building at which i will have to install 100 additional computers.

    I have thought of add child domains to the 2003 domain ???
    I have read alot about changing subnet mask to ???
    I have read about subnetting or super subnetting ???
    Honestly this is all pretty new to me so some suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Oh... and of course.. I have to accomplish this ASAP...

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    Re: Running out of IP's

    Change the mask to . Hope you are using DHCP to assign your IPs.
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      Re: Running out of IP's

      Or you could create a new subnet for that site.


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        Re: Running out of IP's

        both the previous two responses were quite appropriate and correct.

        To touch on one point you made: There is no need for a child domain..
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