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Trusts not working & can't add new exchange 2003 server

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  • Trusts not working & can't add new exchange 2003 server


    1. Seems the trust between the US site ( and India site (NEPAL.COM) is broken. I have secondary DNS zones setup in both domains and they are able to ping/rdp each other by FQDN. But when I went to validate, it said it could not locate the domain (from either side). I removed Bangalore from corp, and tried to re-establish the link but it still says it can't find the domain.

    2. When trying to build a second Exchange 2003 server for India (NEPAL.COM) site, it keeps asking me for a defunct NT4 domain (INDIA) service account password. I enter the correct info and it keeps saying that "Account needs to be validated before continuing". They apparently took down the NT4 PDC domain but managed to virtualize the BDC. I managed to get the BDC back up online (by promoting it to PDC) but can't get them to communicate with NEPAL.COM domain. When I start Exchange System Manager in NEPAL.COM, it does mention INDIA at the root level. Unfortunately, I think it is still relying on INDIA domain. I really need to move the current users on the NEPAL.COM exchange to another box within NEPAL.COM domain.

    More Info on our current setup: (Windows 2000 Mixed mode/10.128.x.x network) - no trusts exist since i removed the outgoing External (NEPAL.COM) trust
    NEPAL.COM (Windows Server 2003 Interim mode/10.6.x.x network) - External incoming and outgoing trust
    defunct domain INDIA (BDC promoted to PDC) - can see users in INDIA domain in a VM environment but ONLY in VM.

    Note: we do NOT own NEPAL.COM - just used as domain name.