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Netlogon error 3210 DC authentication

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  • Netlogon error 3210 DC authentication


    We have a second domain controller which will not logon to the PDC and we get Netlogon error 3210 on startup.

    "This computer could not authenticate with (PDCname) a windows Domain Controller .... "

    How do we get it to logon or reset whatever is needed so it will log on.

    All windows 2003 servers

    Thanks for any help
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    Re: Netlogon error 3210 DC authentication

    If you have a firewall in between check :;en-us;Q154596


    So in a nutshell, the main reasons for people getting this issue are things 
    like duplicate SPN/UPN's, deleted computer accounts, the computer account 
    not replicated to all domain controllers and time not in sync during the 
    password change process between the DC and the client.
    As for fixing this issue, its all about resetting the secure channel, 
    resetting the computer password on the AD object or in an extreme, disjoin 
    and rejoin the domain


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      Re: Netlogon error 3210 DC authentication


      I would say verify the health of Both the Dc's including the AD repl and FRS...if thats all fine and the error is only during startup/reboot , then safely ignore could be becuase of various non MS services starting during the computer bootup........or you may also try cleanbooting(Msconfig) the server...just for the Heck....but i would still say ignore it

      If it help, i have seen many such cases and generally a single event is better ignored

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        Re: Netlogon error 3210 DC authentication

        Basically I couldn't do anything with the DC - so had to forcibly remove it, clean up meta database and add it back to the domain.

        Can at least get it to work now but keep getting some Kerberos errors.