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Win32. RPC Server is unavailable

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  • Win32. RPC Server is unavailable

    I'm having some difficulty resolving an RPC problem so i thought i'd reach out to see what assistance I may be able to get.

    The envrionment is a Windows 2003 domain - 1 Forest, 1 domain
    Our DC (called DC1) is Win2k3 R2 box fully patched
    Our secondary dc (called DC2) is also a win2k3 R2 box fully patched running on an old HP Netserver LC 2000 box. Its been sitting in our server room with red lights on the drives (its actually the controller that is causing this, the drives are ok)
    There's also an exch 2k3 server (sp2 , and fully patched) , a sql server running on a win2k3 R2 machine All servers are HP Proliant DL380 G5 machines except for dc2.

    We also use DoubleTake to replicate our data to our target location which has been successful.

    No config changes were made to our servers or our cisco asa5510 firewall or our cisco asa2811 router

    Over the christmas weekend, I was scheduled to take our existing DC and move it to a proliant dl 380 G6 server. I used acronis imaging software to image the existing box, and then would restore this image to the newer hardware.
    2 days before christmas we moved our DC2 box from our server room to another room to move DC2 to different hardware. After moving DC2 to the other room, it was powered on and running for most of the day. By the end of the day, I notced it had a BSOD on the screen. I power cycled the box and tried to quickly dcpromo the box but it blue screened again while doing dcpromo. I had recently taken an acronis image of our DC2 box and to save myself time, i restored that image to the box, which wasnt a good idea because i couldnt demote it out of the domain properly. So then i powered off the box and followed Microsoft's article on how to remove a failed (broken) DC.

    over the weekend i moved our dc1 box to the new hardware w/o a problem using acronis.

    After the weekend, i re did our dc2 box from scratch but called it dc02 to not have any more confusion. it promoted to a dc just fine and replicated without any trouble.

    Here's my problem. WMI doesn't seem to work on DC1. If i open the WMI MMC console on DC1, I can connect successfully to itself. If I go to any other server in the domain (or a pc) i get the following

    Failed to connect to \\dc1
    because "Win32. The RPC server is unavailable"

    I can ping by name and ip, i can map drives,i can log in to the network from any workstation. I've verified that all services are started that need to be started.
    I've bounced dc1, dc02 quite a few times but no such luck.

    Double Take works on WMI and can't access the DNS server which is DC1.
    at first i thought it was a double take problem but it turns out its a wmi problem. they claim its being blocked in our firewall but i know thats not true because its been working just before christmas so it has to be a name resolution problem somewhere, . i'm just not able to figure it out.

    any help would be greatly appreciated