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Windows 2003 Server Firewall Problem

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  • Windows 2003 Server Firewall Problem


    I have a Windows 2003 Server R2 with DC installed on it. Nearly 700 Clients a connected to this Domain. New Clients could not be added to this domain suddenly and some users could not get the authentication from this domain. DNS Service was not starting so i restored the last image when the DC was working good. Now the DNS service is working but I need to switch off the Firewall in order to add new PC to this Domain, if i switch on the Firewall it i couldn't connect new clients. Any suggestion on this plz.

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    Re: Windows 2003 Server Firewall Problem

    First, do you need firewall on dc?
    if you cant disable it, find ports and protocols clients are using when join to the domain and make exceptions on the firewall.
    I dont know them by hart so this is it.
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      Re: Windows 2003 Server Firewall Problem

      We don't have the firewall turned on on any servers in our org. We are protected by firewalls on the client machines and AV scanners on our switches though.

      IMO turn off the firewall on the server. Make sure your servers are protected from the internet though.