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Windows 2003 R2 not accessible

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  • Windows 2003 R2 not accessible

    I am working on setting a Dell server with Windows 2003 server R2 (1 month and counting). I have run into a new issue and I am stomped. This new server will eventually replace my DC. My new problem: My servers and workstations in my domain can not access the server. I can not ping its IP address or hostname. The IP address is static and a reservation was created in DHCP. When I try to access the server via Windows explorer I get the following message: "\\servername is not accessible. Yo might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator......" I have DNS installed and activated in it. I checked that the forward and reverse look zones were transferred correctly from my current DC. HELP!

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    Re: Windows 2003 R2 not accessible

    If you are not even able to ping the server, check for the firewall..!!

    the first thing, which should be working before you can do anything else is to have PING working, then full communication between DCs.

    Please reply with
    1. Number of Domain controllers.
    2. Is the communication between domain controller is working properly??
    3. If the Problem DC is DNS server, then IPCONFIG /ALL for the DCs having issue.
    4. DCDIAG /V report for the problem DC.

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      Re: Windows 2003 R2 not accessible

      Turning the firewall off worked. Thanks to those who replied to my post.