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can not log on windows 2000 domain

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  • can not log on windows 2000 domain

    I have a very curious problem with windows 2000 domain, previously I was unable to access the shared folder in the windows 2000 server from windows 2k pro workstation unless I put everyone in the share permission. if I induvidually add my user account, will fail to access. (Alsways say: acess denied), but can access from XP workstation.
    Then I guest that possibly because the domain controller can not recongnize my windows 2000 pro pc, so I add my Compter name to the share permission list, then I can access those shared folder from my 2k workstation, but unfortunitely now I am unable to logon domain on other windows 2k workstation, very time when I tried to logon, I was prompt the err msg " your account is configured to prevent from u logon from this pc , pls try another pc", but I know I didn't change anything on my user account. however, even in this case, I can user my user account to logon domain from windows NT workstation or XP workstation. (I can only logon domain on my 2k workstation, failed on others 2k station)
    What's the problem and how to solve it?
    Very appreciate kind assistant. Thanks in advance