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  • Shared Fax Comsole Permissions

    We are using Windows Server 2003's shared fax printer. Users in the administrators group can double click on the shared fax printer in Control Panel->Printers and Faxes (Fax Console) and view all the incoming and outgoing faxes.
    Users not in the administrators group can open the fax console but they see no faxes. They can send faxes just not view them. I went to the security tab for the fax printer on the server and made sure everyone had the same permissions as the admins but that didn't work. (I even tried changing the ownership when I ran out of other ideas, but no; that didn't work either)

    Where are the rest of the permissions hiding?


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    Re: Shared Fax Comsole Permissions

    Found it.
    Go to Fax Console on the server (Printers and Faxes->Fax->Open)
    Click Tools->Fax Service Manager
    (Or just open the Server Management console)
    Right click Fax(Local)
    Go to security tab (Note this is not the same as the fax printer security tab)
    The permissions are there. I recommend adding the Fax Operators group with Manage Documents permissions and adding users to that group who should be able to see (and manage) the faxes.