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Server 2003 fails to allow login

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  • Server 2003 fails to allow login

    Hi, I have server 2003 enterprise-based machine, which also acts as domain controller. This server was recently infected with virus. Now it startsup perfectly with no errors, but it won't allow anyone to log in, including administrator. When I log in, it takes me back to the login screen. how can I resolve this?

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    Re: Server 2003 fails to allow login

    Get rid of the virus that still infects the machine.
    What is stored on the Server? eg, is it a File Server?
    Get the Server isolated from the Domain IMMEDIATELY!!
    Use a bootable CD/DVD with your virus scanner and some other free ones to scan the Server for infections.

    Was the Server fully patch and up to date with ALL Security Patches, Hotfixes etc?
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      Re: Server 2003 fails to allow login

      Try to boot in DSRM and see if you are able to login there. If you can, then check for reported events in the DC.

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