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Restarting a service

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  • Restarting a service

    I am ding some maintence tonight on a Ex2003 box and I will have to restart the SMTP service. No big deal right?.. I have heard that this service can sometimes get hung up when stopping/starting it. How do I force kill a hung service if this does in fact happen?

    I've used taskkill before but that has always been with the styanx "taskkill /pid 1234" Obiviously the SMTP service has no PID so I dont know to kill it if I have to.

    Any help

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    Re: Restarting a service

    restart it through Exchange System Manager rather than taskkill.
    I've never noticed the problem you refer to myself, but just have some plans in place for how you will respond if it doesn't work the way you're expecting.
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