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  • Help with remote access

    Hey, hows it going?

    Ive been trying to figure this out, we have windows server 2003 at our workplace and i haven't really tried it yet but Ive been wanting to access my desktop here at the workplace from home on my Laptop. The laptop is running windows vista. while im at the workplace i can access it no problem seeing as though its connected to the local network, but when i try to connect from my home network it says im to able to and i think the reason for that is because i might have to go through the server somehow to access my work computer, can someone help me out with this? Thanks in advanced


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    Re: Help with remote access

    You need to create a VPN Connection.

    If you're the system administrator, look into PPtP tunnels, or Cisco VPN if you have a cisco

    If you're not - speak to your system administrator
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      Re: Help with remote access

      Theres two things that must be looked at here and generally speaking its quite for someone who isn't a system administrator with sufficient access credentials to make this happen.

      What you will need to do is:

      a) look at whats happening from the firewall & what ports are forwarded where. Specifically speaking the 3389 ports should be forwarded to 3389, as this is the port that RDP listens on.

      b) if you are a part of an active directory log on domain, then you will need to be a part of the Remote Access group.

      If you can confirm both and let me know i am willing to assist further.