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Share permission on server changed after electric outage

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  • Share permission on server changed after electric outage

    We had an unscheduled power outage that abruptly shut down our Windows 2003 cluster server.

    After the electricty was restored and the server was rebooted, we found that the permissions on one of the shares through which users access data was changed from Full Control to Read. As a result users could not open or save new documents into the share.

    After the reboot, the cluster came up on the same node as before the outage. No events are written into the audit logs.

    This incident happened again today even after we shutdown the cluster normally and restarted it.


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    (caveat: limited cluster experience!)

    Perhaps the quorum disk is not all it should be. Share permissions are stored in the registry, as you recall. Perhaps switching to the other node will help restore the proper situation?


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      Share permission on server changed after electric outage

      When the server was setup, the support engineer changed the share pemission on the folder manually. he did not change the setting through the Cluster Admin utility (through which the share was originally created).

      When the server was restarted, the Cluster Admin pushed it's set of share permissions. Hence the settigns kept on changing afte every reboot.

      After making the required changes through Cluster Admin, we rebooted the server again. This time the share permissons did not change.

      In the end the problem was solved.


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        thnx for sharing!!
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