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Testing DC and Exchange Server 2007 after restore to new hardware.

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  • Testing DC and Exchange Server 2007 after restore to new hardware.

    Hi All,

    I've just restore my Exchange Server 2007 image which also serving DC+GC and all 5x FSMO role into a server with different hardware using Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 2010

    With the "Restore Anyware" the server was boot up as if it were just clean installed (no drivers and such), so I'm worried about the integrity of this Windows Server 2003 after the restore.

    at the moment I haven't tried to connect the restored server into the network yet as the backup was taken using the last night full backup (I know the mail client would be conflicting if this server gets into network).

    the server was just restarted and now in the Exchange Server Console it complaints cannot find and also cannot find hub transport server ?

    how could this happens ? the server it self should know that it contains everything (HT-CAS-MBx role) and also DC + GC and 2nd DNS.

    my next step is to connect a laptop directly into it and see if it can authenticate and do direct cable connection (patch)

    may i know what sort of test that i should do to make sure that Exchange Server service and AD components working fine ?