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  • problem ntp server


    i have a problem to synchronize windows 2000 sp4 stand alon computer with ntp server that is a member server on a domain.
    when i run net time with the ip of the server i get error no.5 access is denied.
    (i get the same error when i use net view)
    how can allow the stand alone computer to get the time from the member server(windows server 2003 std)
    i added the IPC$ to the anonymous access onthe local group policy and it still not working.
    it is possible to allow it?

    thanks for he help.

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    Re: problem ntp server

    Probably this article on Technet help you

    A remote procedure call (RPC) failed to authenticate, usually because a user does not have permission to access the remote computer and run Net Time.


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      Re: problem ntp server

      AFAIK its not possible to synchronize the with the domain member server from outside of this domain.
      You should be logged in in order to do so.
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