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Vpn => static ip to clients

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  • Vpn => static ip to clients

    I have set a vpn (its using ppp) on a server 2k3r2.
    Set a couple of users and assigned an static ip to the users (they connect from different places).
    Now I found that somehow this static ips are not respected and somehow users get others ips from other users: ms104 is

    And this morning, when this user connects to the vpn got: its from a box that in weekends its turned off.
    And I have found that the wrongly assigned ips are from that 3 boxes that are turned off.
    There is no dhcp server enabled (not in the server or the router)
    Why the server assigns the wrong ips whether they have specified to use the assigned ones?
    Im quite puzzled about this. Would be greatful for any help.
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    Re: Vpn => static ip to clients

    not exactly my issue but its near.
    will report later.