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DN attribute not defined error Active Directory

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  • DN attribute not defined error Active Directory

    I am trying to do a bulk import of user accounts using the CSVDE tool for active directory. I have a .csv file and am doing this:

    csvde -i -f ExampleUsers.xls and receive the following error output:

    Connecting to "(null)"
    Logging in as current user using SSPI
    Importing directory from file "ExampleUsers.xls"
    Invalid file format. DN Attribute not defined
    0 entries modified successfully.
    An error has occurred in the program

    This is the file i am using:

    Container/OU First Name Last Name Common Name DN Logon Name Groups
    "cn=Users,dc=domain20,dc=net" John Adams John Adams jadams [email protected] NewCoResearch
    "cn=Users,dc=domain20,dc=net" Frank LiebermanFrank Lieberman [email protected] NewCoResearch
    "cn=Users,dc=domain20,dc=net" Linda Peters Linda Peters lpeters [email protected] NewCoResearch
    "cn=Users,dc=domain20,dc=net" Esther Mets Esther Mets emets [email protected] NewCoResearch
    "cn=Users,dc=domain20,dc=net" Tim Daniels Tim Daniels tdaniels [email protected] NewCoResearch
    "cn=Users,dc=domain20,dc=net" Charlie Brown Charlie Brown cbrown [email protected] NewCoResearch
    "cn=Users,dc=domain20,dc=net" John Doe John Doe jdoe [email protected] NewCoResearch
    "cn=Users,dc=domain20,dc=net" Joe Conrad Joe Conrad jconrad [email protected] NewCoResearch
    "cn=Users,dc=domain20,dc=net" Britney Simpson Britney Simpson bsimpson [email protected] NewCoResearch
    "cn=Users,dc=domain20,dc=net" Rex Smith Rex Smith rsmith [email protected] NewCoResearch

    Any help is appreciated.
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    Re: DN attribute not defined error Active Directory

    your first row does not look correct.
    for a start, it's not comma-separated. Secondly, the headings don't look right.

    Do a CSVDE export, and have a look at what headings and stuff you need..
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      Re: DN attribute not defined error Active Directory

      Ah. I saved the file in the wrong format. Here is what actually worked. Also, I had failed to vreate the OU in the root of the domain.

      "CN=John Adams,OU=NewCoResearch,DC=domain20,DC=Dovercorp,DC =net",user,jadams,John,Adams,[email protected]
      "CN=Frank Lieberman,OU=NewCoResearch,DC=domain20,DC=Dovercor p,DC=net",user,flieberman,Frank,Lieberman,flieberm [email protected]
      "CN=Linda Peters,OU=NewCoResearch,DC=domain20,DC=Dovercorp,D C=net",user,lpeters,Linda,Peters,[email protected]
      "CN=Esther Mets,OU=NewCoResearch,DC=domain20,DC=Dovercorp,DC= net",user,emets,Esther,Mets,[email protected]
      "CN=Tim Daniels,OU=NewCoResearch,DC=domain20,DC=Dovercorp, DC=net",user,tdaniels,Tim,Daniels,[email protected]
      "CN=Charlie Brown,OU=NewCoResearch,DC=domain20,DC=Dovercorp,DC =net",user,cbrown,Charlie,Brown,[email protected]
      "CN=John Doe,OU=NewCoResearch,DC=domain20,DC=Dovercorp,DC=n et",user,jdoe,John,Doe,[email protected] et
      "CN=Joe Conrad,OU=NewCoResearch,DC=domain20,DC=Dovercorp,D C=net",user,jconrad,Joe,Conrad,[email protected]
      "CN=Britney Simpson,OU=NewCoResearch,DC=domain20,DC=Dovercorp, DC=net",user,bsimpson,Britney,Simpson,[email protected]
      "CN=Rex Smith,OU=NewCoResearch,DC=domain20,DC=Dovercorp,DC =net",user,rsmith,Rex,Smith,[email protected]

      Thanks for your help.