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Reserving multiple TCPIP port range

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  • Reserving multiple TCPIP port range

    I want to reserve multiple port ranges based on this -

    The article doesn't suggest how one is to separate multiple ranges, IE my server already has port 3343 reserved, and I want to add ports 4070-4071. Do I just separate them with a comma, or do I use a semicolon, or do I enter each range on a separate line in the Edit Multi String window?

    Don't want to run into issue with server not booting properly, this is my one and only server and is a production machine.


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    Re: Reserving multiple TCPIP port range

    here's what you do:

    backup the registry keys you will be affecting.
    ensure you know how to restore those keys.
    on THE WEEKEND, Test your solution.
    if it doesn't reboot, or doesn't reboot properly, boot into safe mode
    restore your backed up registry keys.

    I would suggest putting just a space between each range. if that doens't work, try a comma, then try a semi-colon.
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