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set date and time in TS profile

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  • set date and time in TS profile


    we have users taht use TS profiles and the date and time setting in the profile keep resetting to the incorrect time. I understand that if i run a gpo on the the machine it will set date and time on the machine but i want this to occur in the users profile. Is this possible?

    the times are correct but sometimes they change format.

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    Re: set date and time in TS profile

    more detail needed:

    1. are the users workstations in the same timezone as the server?

    2. are you using time zone redirection on the terminal server?

    3. do the workstations and the terminal server have the dst2007 patches?

    4. what exactly is wrong with the time? is it an hour ahead, an hour behind, etc.?


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      Re: set date and time in TS profile


      sorry, i should of been a little bit more specific.

      we have an application that requires sdate format and stime format to be set to a specific format. for soms reason the registry settings on the profile seem to change but i dont know why. I wanted to know if i assigned a gpo with maybe a ADM templete, will this change the profile settings and keep tham all the same when the are logging in.

      I was hoping that if it did this and Iassigned it to user accounts it may fix the issue