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win 2000 ws to win server 2003, map network drive

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  • win 2000 ws to win server 2003, map network drive

    I am trying to map to a win 2003 file server (C: drive to keep it simple) from a win 2000 work station. i key \\fs1\c$ (\\server\share). Error message comes back stating: "No logon server to service request". Is "logon server" really referring to a server, or just to a server script?

    Both stations are logged on to the same domain, Administrator on server, user on workstation. Groups EVERYONE and USERS on server have read/write access, User on ws has administrator privileges.

    I can ping both directions by IP address and by computer name. I can map a network drive and sign on to ws from server. I'm sure this is a privilege issue, but have very little experience on it. Hope someone will lay out the steps clearly for me.
    thanks in advance - fc