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Guidance on AD design for acquired company

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  • Guidance on AD design for acquired company

    Hi All,

    Our office infrastructure comprises the following:
    Domain Controller DC 1 – Win 2003 std & DC2 - Win 2003 Std for redundancy
    • Global Catalog
    • AD, DNS and DHCP

    File Servers – 3x Windows 2003 Std R2
    There are total 50 users comprising of desktops and laptops.

    Our companies internal Domain – ourdomain.local

    At the beginning of this year our company has been acquired by a large company. Thus, it was decided that initially we should move with all our IT infrastructure and install it on a separate network within the same building. After working for six months now it is being planned that we would merge our networks.

    The plan goes this way:

    The parent companies System support vendor Outsource Ltd proposed that the best option is
    • Merge the two networks
    • Buy new hardware for desktops and laptops, rebuild them and join to parent.local domain.
    • Discard our old DC, File Server

    Obviously from the Outsource Ltd’s point of view they are correct as they will get paid for the job and also make business by selling new hardware. However, I feel that we can still merge the network without too much expenditure and we should be able to manage our own resources.

    My plan to the management will be following:
    • Ask Outsource Ltd to setup a site on their AD and install a Domain Controller at our office for the site.
    • Ask Outsource Ltd to setup an organization unit on their AD for our company as ourcompany-OU.
    • Disjoin our existing File and Print Servers and add to domain parent.local
    • Remove all desktops & laptops from ourdomain.local and add to the new domain parent.local
    • Ask Outsource Ltd to delegate rights to me to administer all resource under Ourcompany-OU.

    I do not have a clue that this way how much I would be able to manage the resource under Ourcompany-OU.

    Can I perform the following :-
    • Can I reset/change User password
    • Can I add or delete OU under Ourcompany-OU.
    • Can I create Security Groups
    • Can I manage Group Policies
    • Can I run separate login scripts for the desktops and laptops under Ourcompany-OU

    What will be my level of manageablity and what else can I do ?

    Could you kindly educate me on this issue and show me the right direction.

    Based on your feedback and guidance I will propose to the management. Whether they will agree or not that is a different question but at least I can try.

    Many thanks in advance.

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