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Replication software...

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  • Replication software...

    The company that I work for has a DFS replication setup (Win2003 SR2 SP2);
    which works when it wants. The problem I'm facing is that replication
    scheduled is dependent on AD replication, so changes don't replicate quick
    enough for my users.

    Can any of you recommend another software that can do a better job at
    replicating files among two servers (160GB of data)?


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    Re: Replication software...

    That rather depends on your requirements and your budget. What sort of files are you replicating and are users editing them at both ends?

    I've used DoubleTake in the past, but purely for DR scenarios so that there is a up to date offsite backup. Whether there is an option for 2-way replication I don't know, and there is the problem of change management with 2 working copies.
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      Re: Replication software...

      Yes, I've used DT as well in the past, also as a DR option.

      My biggest concern is change management, so I'm trying to find out an application that can handle that.