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problem connecting Domain

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  • problem connecting Domain

    Hiee, i m rajesh, I can't connect my clients to my server domain. The domain not pinging in the server(win server2003) itself. don't know wats the reason.? Actually I installed ADS,DNS.. then tried to add my XP client in domain, but i got an error "can't contact the domain controller..".. then i noticed tat my domain not getting pinged in my Server. Then I installed VMware.. The software automatically took 2 IPs and got connected.. Then i tried with those 2 IPs as my preffered & alternate DNS, then it got pinged and get connected.. But I hav to set my routers DNS for internet.. So later i un-installed VMWare and tried with another IP(, after a lots of tries suddenly it got pinged and connected. But I tried with another IP, but again it failed, it s not connectin.. so please anyone guide me wats the problem occuring here.. I tried this in a small Organisational Unit with 100 systems...

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    Re: problem connecting Domain

    Hi Rajesh,

    The domain not pinging in the server(win server2003) itself.

    1. Pls check in the Primary DNS suffix on DC, give dns suffix name over there.
    Ex:, need to give as

    2. You said you have configured the DNS, just let me know you configured Forward look zone with the name domain name..
    Ex:, your forward lookup zone name as

    3. IP address :
    Pls check IP configuration part on the DC.
    if the DHCP enabled for giving the IP addresses go the Client systems and make sure all system IP address getting or not..

    Please let me know about the status...