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Windows 2003 Fileserver/Spam or Virus/Attribute change A/

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  • Windows 2003 Fileserver/Spam or Virus/Attribute change A/

    Dear all,
    Recently my junior engineer plugged a flash drive into our file server not sure whether the fileserver infected spam or virus from infected files inside that jump drive. The symtoms determined below.

    1. All folders after opened automatically change attribute to A
    2. When right click on a folder that have already configured sharing has disappear not showing sharing permission. eg..\\servername\sample$ - not showing sample$ anymore. instead it shows like right click properties of a single file.
    3. Files sharing between file server and client PC are working fine.
    4. There are several folders been created, some with names and some without names. Wheneveer I delete the folder it kept coming back.
    5. Now both of my domain controller and fileserver are infected. Please help with quick fix if anyone knew the solutions.
    6. The server is now working perfectly fine, CPU and Memory resources are low as normal.

    For more details please do not hesitate to posst your question here. Thank you so much for your help in advance.


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    Re: Windows 2003 Fileserver/Spam or Virus/Attribute change A/

    When you run an anti-virus scan, what does the scanner report?
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