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DYNDNS and Sever 2003

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  • DYNDNS and Sever 2003


    I wish I was a full blown server guy, but unfortunately I am not. I have been a computer technician for over 15 years and it seems more and more I am being asked to resolve server and heavy duty networking issues. Most of these requests come from my long term clients whose businesses have grown and their computing needs are demanding they change from their 4 to 10 peer to peer networks. BTW I do run a server 2003 myself and I host a few websites but nothing serious. It works I donít mess with it unless I have a problem, which I must say is not very often.

    That being said on to my question(s). I have a client who has recently decided to move to a DC and has purchased a box with server 2003 sp2 64 bit, exchange 2007 sp1 64 bit and sharepoint 2007 64 bit. Presently he has a dynamic IP so he is running a DYNDNS updater client. I am hoping we can get a static IP in the future, but this is what I have to live with now. I set the NIC cards Primary DNS to and respectively and pointed the forward lookup zone to the ISPís DNS addresses. I can then log into the DC under the one account I set up as a user in the domain. Every thing on that front seems to work just fine. When I reboot though, I noticed that the primary and alternative DNs numbers change to the DYNDNS numbers. I can still log into the DC and all seems to work but I think this may be the root issue causing my exchange problems so I would like to get clarification on why the numbers change back before I tackle exchange again. I have googled my guts out for the past few days and tried what feels like a zillion possible fixes. Any help at this point would certainly aid in me not committing Seppuku with a rusty spoon. A step by step instruction would be very helpful since I am pretty good at following instructions and reading small print well into the wee hours of the morning.

    Thanking the community in advance.

    BJC aka fcuknuts

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    Re: DYNDNS and Sever 2003

    A couple of things:

    1. The server is the DC\DNS\Exchange server, right? If so, the server should point to itself for DNS. Why do you have two servers set as the DNs servers for the DC\DNS\Exchange server? What are the two DNS servers you're pointing it to.

    2. I recommend not using forwarders. I recommend using the root hints only.

    3. I have a server at home configured almost exactly like your client. My server is a DC\DNS\Exchange server. It points to itself for DNS and uses the root hint servers for external DNS resolution.

    4. I use the DynDNS Updater client from and don't have the problem you're describing. My server uses itself for DNs and the DynDNS Updater client updates the public DNS record for my server based on the dynamic ip address allocated to me through my cable internet provider.

    I suspect that there's something misconfigured in the dynamic DNS client that you're using, or that there's something misconfigured in the ip configuration of the server.


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      Re: DYNDNS and Sever 2003

      Hi joeqwerty,

      I just got back in from a weekend trip to visit my newest granddaughter and seen your reply. Thank you for the NFO. I checked out the DYNDNS client and according to some on their forums the new client doesn't work properly with server 2003. I loaded the old client in and the DNS remained the same pointing to the and .3 IP's of DC\DNS\EXCHANGE server.

      I got great news though. I have to change the domain name now. My client has changed his mind on what domain to run on this box. I am not going to use the domain rename thingy from MS to many issues as I understand it. I'll just reload everything again.

      I do have one question though. What are root hints and how do you configure them? I would like to try them on this next reload.

      Thanking you in advance.