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Spywere, Virus or Server problem.

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  • Spywere, Virus or Server problem.

    Hi all

    in the start i though to post this in the Exchange folder, but i think it may be bigger problem than that so i post it over here...

    after checking the Event viewer log , under Application i discover alot of Warning Messages (the yellow one), under "MSExchangeTransport".
    after close check i discover that they replay twice a minute !
    after another close check i find out that every min my exchange server sends mail to the following domains :

    i have no ida what is it and how to disable it or find what the problem is!

    any ida how can i get the buttom of things , find out what doing it.

    btw, tun an "Antivirus" scan (u guess right, norton...) and found.... Nothing! Woa !



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    Have you had a look at this


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      i dont know if its ok to post this link... if not please delete it.

      this site can test your exchange server for relay problems.
      i have never tested it but i heard from friends its a good test.

      and you can always try to connect to your mail server from outsite your organisation with telnet and try to send a mail.
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        read the articale but didnt understend...

        what it is really and y it happening ?!

        is it someone inside the network ?

        more domain keep poping up in the relay like

        and now it gives me a warning :

        The virtual memory necessary to run your Exchange server is fragmented in such a way that performance may be affected. It is highly recommended that you restart all Exchange services to correct this issue.

        i think that was what made my exhange server get stuck twice a day so i needed to rebote it...

        anyone have another ida ?


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          OK. Relaying is when you need to send a message to someone outside your organisation.

          No it may not be someone in your organisation as someone can do it remotely.

          What exactly is happening. Can you post a screenshot of the problem???

          One of the first things i would do is to secure messages laeving the organisation so that only authenticated users can send mail. Exchange 2000 and i would imagine 2003 do this automatically.

          Go to the mentioned website and run the relay test on your server.


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            this may be a lame question,

            how can i capture a screenshot ?!


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              k got it, here is a screenshot with an open warning message...

              10x 4 trying 2 help.
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                Have a look on this website for hints



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                  sorry for that question but have you tested to send mails outside your organisation? like sent a mail to a hotmail account or gmail... bla bla
                  and see if it Arrives? maybe its a DNS problem.

                  or have you checked at spamhouse or other sites to see if your exchange is on SBL and XBL lists? maybe your exchange is blocked?
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                    all mail arrive after i do restart...

                    but few hours later it got stuck and out going mail dont work till i do restart.

                    then all over again, works for few hours and the stuck again and no outgoing mail...