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Upgrading a HD

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  • Upgrading a HD

    I have a server (HP DL360 G4) with a 20GB disk capacity which I need to upgrade due to the disk becoming nearly full. The disks are hot swap so there are x2 20GB Ultra 320 SCSI. I bought x2 150GB drives ready to upgrade. My plan is to image the current drives & load this onto the new disks. We have to me knowledge RAID 1 set up on the current disks. Am I right in thinking when I put the new disks in I will have to delete the old RAID Array & then set a new one up before re-imaging the new disk with the old operating system?

    Has anyone done this before?

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    Re: Upgrading a HD

    What's your backups like?

    In the same situation in the past I've done the following:

    Performed a full backup of the server
    Replace the disks with new ones
    Create the logical drive

    and then either:

    Perform an ASR restore if you have them

    or install a fresh copy of Server 2003 and perform a full restore from backup.

    or an easier option for you may to be image as you said.

    I would suggest using Acronis rather than Ghost

    You can download a free trial of Acronis Backup & Recovery here

    Hope this helps



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      Re: Upgrading a HD

      The image I made was with Acronis


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        Re: Upgrading a HD

        Then you should be good to go


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          Re: Upgrading a HD

          Thanks for the advice, its always reassuring to have someone confirm what you think is the right answer.


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            Re: Upgrading a HD

            Let me know how you get on