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Users unable to login or access Exchange

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  • Users unable to login or access Exchange

    Windows 2003 server r2 - will all update active

    runing ad, dns and exchange

    I been having trouble with my server of late, as in someone or someones were using it for different person, I since clean it up but there are still some issues.

    this moring it stop working as no one can log in and exchange stop working and know the server comes up and exchange is active on the server, but on can access it.

    I went into the log and saw two entries and i can not find any referense anywhere

    the following service did not load

    svchost -k Tianxiff - could not find

    svchost -k NPPwdz - could not find

    does anybody have any idea as to what is going on



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    Re: Users unable to login or access Exchange

    Title changed to something a bit more meaningful.

    Have you scanned for viruses and malware???

    Why is someone else using the machine??