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Can't access Internet through workgroup

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  • Can't access Internet through workgroup

    I just installed a second Server 2000 on my small business workgroup. It is set up almost identically to the first Server 2000 on the network, except the IP address and the computer name. I can't get on the internet to do updates with this new server. It just hangs there forever and then finally says page not found. I can get on the internet with my laptop with the same exact network cord. So it is something in the new temporary server. Am I missing a simple configuration somewhere??? It is a workgroup named "workgroup" I can see the other server drives but can't access them, is this a clue?

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    Check Default Gateway and where is the DNS pointing to?
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      No internet through workgroup

      It is set to obtain ip and DNS automatically like everything else on the network that works.


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        We need more info.

        Do you have a proxy server ?
        How is your internet conncetion managed ?
        Is there a firewall in the way somewhere ?
        Is the firewall configured to allow this host outbound connections ?
        Does IPconfig show that the default gateway\DNS is correct ?
        Do you have any static routes (either server or router somewhere) ?
        Can you tracert to an external host ? (If not where does it fail) ?

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          Has your DHCP scope ran out of addresses??


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            I don't think I have a proxy server.
            Everyone in the workgroup shares the internet connection (I think through the server).
            All computers in workgroup are configured to automatically receive IP and DNS configuration. Yes it has the proper DNS with ipconfig.
            There is a firewall at the incoming ISP but that shouldn't matter.
            No static routes.
            Tracert times out.

            Please note that I use the same network cable for my laptop, it gets on the internet. Then I plug the same cable into the server, it doesn't work. It is set to receive IP and DNS automatically like all on the network. Could this problem have something to do with two Server 2000 boxes in the same workgroup? Also I can see the main server drives, but don't have access.....


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              All the cable shows is that your physical infrastructure is fine (which we knew anyway as all others are working).

              You need to find out how you connect to the net, this is the only way you will know if the default gateway is correct and then you can look at why your requests are not being routed out.

              You also need to find out if you are using a proxy or not as without these settings you won't go anywhere (presuming it's setup correctly!!).

              Check the IE settings on your laptop and compare to server.

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                The access to the shares will be a Username and Password issue. All your machines needs to have the same usernames and passwords for all users to gain access to each machine in a workgroup.

                Back to the internet thing.

                Can you ping the default gateway??

                What is the default gateway?? What is your server IP??

                What IP address is given from DHCP??

                What are the details supposed to be??

                You say you havea firewall at your incoming ISP, don't you have one at your site or is this the ISP's firewall that is connected to your network and your machines are all connected to this??


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                  Request Timed OUt Default Gateway

                  OK obviously you are dealing with somewhat of an ameteur, but thanks for sticking with me. I'm learning....

                  I did ping the default gateway and got a Request Timed Out. which is also the DHCP. What do I need to do to get this working??? Should I enter it manually to see what happens??? I'm going to try that while I"m waiting for reply .....


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                    My Bad

                    Oh shoot I noticed a typo when I pinged, I can reach the default gateway perfectly. Sorry bout that, at least I noticed!


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                      OK then so you can ping the default gateway.

                      What is your servers address??

                      Have you checked the proxy settings in IE incase you do have a proxy on your network??


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                        Main server address is


                        Temporary Server


                        No I don't have a proxy Server.
                        I can't tracert to my ISP.


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                          Fom the sounds of it there is an Access Control List (ACL) somewhere that is stopping you from getting out onto the web.

                          What exactly is your gateway to the net??


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                            I don't see how it could be an ACL when all computers are set to get an IP automatically. Don't you think the ACL would be set to allow that particular group of IP's that are given?

                            Is it safe to be giving this info where anyone can see it?
                            Outsite Router:
                            INternal G.W.:


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                              OOOooohhh I can ping the firewall IP but not the outside router interface. I'm wondering if the firewall is somehow set to accept internal MAC addresses. I'll have to find out how to get into the firewall and check.